Water Heater Installation Services in Portland, OR

Water Heaters

Is your shower or sink water too cold? Have you been having issues getting your water warm enough — or warm at all in the first place? If this is the case, you are likely having problems with your water heater. Even in the summer, hot water is a necessity. Whether you are washing your hands, bathing, or washing dishes, your water heater is one of your home’s most valuable assets. You may not pay much attention to your water heater when it is working correctly, but the minute it stops working, it is impossible to ignore.


Realistic Rooter knows how much you rely on your water heater. We are happy to help with everything from minor repairs to complete water heater installation services in Portland and other surrounding cities. Here are the top signs our clients experience when their water heater needs attention from an expert:

  • No hot water
  • Hot water runs out too soon
  • Strange noises are coming from the water heater
  • The water heater is leaking

If there is no hot water running through your pipes, one of the first things our experts at Realistic Rooter will do is check the pilot light. Sometimes, a simple adjustment of the pilot light will fix the problem. It is best to let one of our experts handle this procedure. It can be dangerous to relight the pilot light yourself, especially if there are more extensive issues happening with your water heater.

If your water is not hot enough or runs cold too soon, some elements of your water heater may need to be adjusted. Your water heater may even have a faulty dip tube. Our experts can easily replace dip tubes or other parts to bring back your hot water as soon as possible.

You may notice alarming sounds coming from your water heater. Any unusual noises should be addressed by one of our water heater installers in Portland. New sounds, loud clicks, pops, or any other unfamiliar noises could indicate a serious problem with your water heater. One of our plumbing experts at Realistic Rooter will be happy to investigate the problem and repair or replace your water heater.

Leaks are some of the most common issues discovered by our technicians when working with our clients to fix their water heaters. Leaking is usually an indicator that your water heater is cracked or broken. Request assistance from our experts today for a thorough assessment and we’ll get started on the solution right away.

“Anothony is extremely reliable, communicative and wow, he responds fast! His pricing is competitive. I know when I reach out to him for a quote or to get a job done I trust he’ll take care of my clients needs without any hassle!”

-Gretchen W. Realtor


Request water heater installation services in Portland from our expert technicians at any time. We’ll send one of our specialists out to check your water heater for any abnormalities. Guaranteed, we have the solutions to get your water heater repair request taken care of with skill and expertise. With our Portland water heater repair specialists by your side, you can count on a thorough assessment and precise recommendations. Your water heater will be working again in no time!

Realistic Rooter provides professional Portland water heater installation services for a competitive and fair price. No matter where you are in the greater Portland-metro area, we can be on-site to help you as soon as possible. Hot water is just a quick call away! Reach our Portland water heater installation service experts now at (971) 678-6272.